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Full-stack development, Laravel, Vue.js, Consulting.


Laravel Framework

We've lately switched to the Laravel ecosystem and we love it for its elegance, simplicity and blazingly fast modern web development.


We choose it mainly because of it's simplicity and reactivity. It allows us to write simple Javascript without the need of installing external libraries.


With an amazing performance over traditional RDBMS, we use Elasticsearch as the search engine that powers our apps.


We use redis as a cache layer, session storage on distributed architectures, and queue driver for job processing.


Being the most widely used database solution in web development makes it a vital component in our stack.

Test Driven Development

We use TDD to enforce a better understanding of the business logic, easy maintenance of our existing codebase, and overall fewer bugs.

Yii Framework

Vast experience with this performant framework, best suited for any type of project.


Reversed proxy? Load balancer? Nginx's got it all.


We cover both the front-end and back-end areas of an application. Our characteristic is the ability to take the client requirements and turn it into a finished product.

Areas of Activity

Energy Supply Market

In the unbundled national electricity markets in Europe, the balancing market is the institutional arrangement that deals with the balancing of electricity demand and supply.

We developed a custom CRM solution, integrated with an existing back office based on C# and SQL Server;

High-availability and time critical operations.


ERP Solution for one of the biggest e-commerce retailer in Romania.

Custom modules development based on client's business demands and needs.

ERP integration with over 200 suppliers through API / web services.

Complete automation of sales processes: supply order, client confirmation and client delivery.

Multiple online payment service providers, including support for Bitcoin.

Drop shipment integration for multiple suppliers.

BI software integration.

B2B integration, B2B online sales.

Development of multi store module and marketplace.

Creating dynamic prices based on the best supplier offer.

Automotive Industry

Custom solution with a large autovehicle part database, integrated with 3rd party APIs.

Another case was with estimating costs of autovehicle repairs based on an advanced search of auto parts and specifications.

ERP stock warehouse and smart validation of online orders.

Real time prices based on competition.

Warehouse Management

Realtime stock management over a chain of warehouses.

Intelligent ordering to suppliers and automatic flow of stocks.

Automatic order placement to delivery service partners.

ERP & CRM Development

Distinctive ERP modules for the following business domains: auto, insurance, online sales.

Complex financial reports.

Data flow from and to 3rd party financial software.


We a vast have experience in insurance industry solutions.

Selling and managing online insurance policies (in own platform and through API integrations for brokers and third parties).

Developing insurance products.

State affair reports.

Damage management module.

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